Postgraduate Admissions

Schedule and List of Candidates to Award Admissions

All the candidates who have qualified for their Pre-Admission Test are required to bring:

  1. All original documents required for the admission along with one set of their photocopy and four (4) passport sized photographs.
  2. Admission fee amounting to Rs. 50,000-00 CASH (payment shall be made on spot) which will be deposited in HBL Bank through a challan form before the award of admission letter.
  3. All the candidates who have passed their GAT with 2.5 CGPA and filled out admission forms online are required to visit Directorate of admissions even if their names are not there on the list of the awardees of admission letters.
  4. If any of the candidates is unable to attend the interview in case of ‘exceptional circumstances, e.g., being COVID-19 positive, should contact the Directorate of Admissions at least 24 hours prior to his / her date of award of admission letter. He / she will be required to present the proof of his absence, i.e., result of COVID-19 test. The candidate if allowed, must authorize (authority letter) any one of his parents / guardians to appear and carryout all decisions / formalities required for selection of field of study on his / her behalf. The authority letter must contain specimen signature of the candidate and a copy of his / her CNIC.

    Additional Director Admissions
    Contact: 022 2771704
    Email: [email protected]

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